Yvonne Kelly MSW, RSW, Certified Stepfamily Coach

name I am a mother of 3 boys and a stepmother to my husband's 2 daughters. I am passionate about my life's work and enjoy helping others nurture succesful relationships and families. I work exclusively with individuals and couples in stepfamilies and blended families. I provide Remarriage Preparation for couples embarking on a second marriage with children.I also provide Step Dating Teleconferences for Singles and Single Parents who are dating with children in the mix. I am available to work with clients in-person and also specialize in phone coaching and counselling.

Single Parents Dating After Divorce: Myths versus Reality

07th January 2009
How do myths get started? They're basically stories that take form as fact when they are repeated but rarely questioned by people who appear to have some authority on the subject. People make decisions and assess relationships based on myths and this can ... Read >